Targetted Crimes
Office parks, Industrial Estates and retail shops are prime targets for criminals, especially when those
businesses fail to as most do to put adequate security in place. Small businesses should look long and
hard at the premises to ensure the safety of workers, as well as the security of a building’s contents.

Putting this into prospective example being, if that business operates a warehouse filled with months of
saleable goods.

One break-in could wipe out months of stocked items, potentially costing a business hundreds of
thousands of pounds. Fab and Site Security investigations have identified that most small businesses are
more likely to lack the security measures that can deter break-ins.

Through Fab and Site Security we offer security tailored specifically to the needs of each businesses.
Some useful tips of protecting your business or home against unwanted callers

Lighting- FASS cannot express the importance of adequate lighting at all entryways and exits of a building. Businesses should also
leave a few interior lights on at night, to give the appearance that someone might be inside working. A motion detector can help capture
movement on a property, while also preventing false alarms invest rather than replace is a good term to learn!

Doors-Ideally, a business’s doors should be constructed from a sturdy material such as solid wood or metal lining. For businesses with
garage doors, those doors should be secured with padlocks. Any glass or panels on those garage doors should be reinforced to
prevent them from being broken. Our parent company  can help here. Also for locks and security lock boxes see
our website a very useful deterrent against opportunist criminals.

Windows-To minimize vulnerability, we also suggest covering all windows with burglar-resistant glazing. Businesses should also check
to ensure locks can’t be reached by breaking a window. If there are any unused windows, it is worth placing equipment or heavy
merchandise in front of those windows which can deter crime. Most crime is opportunist easy pickings, slow them up and you are on the
way to winning the first round.

Key Management-we recommend business owners to give keys only to essential personnel. Each key should be numbered and coded
for tracking purposes and, in the event a key should be reported as lost, business owners should have all corresponding locks changed.
A few pounds against thousands is good sound advice.

Exterior-A business owner should also take a look at the exterior of a property, keeping it as clean, uncluttered, and well-lit as possible.
FASS recommends exterior security cameras to record activity. We also advise property owners should limit shrubbery, since it could
be used as an intruder’s hiding place.

These few tips and changes can make a big difference, not only in a business’s security but in workers’ peace of mind. Small
businesses are susceptible to both initial burglaries and re-burglaries, which can push our ever growing insurance premiums up and hurt
employee retention. Steps such as these will help you; do not be a victim of crime “prevention is far better than cure
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