Web Security
Everyone knows that the invention of the Internet has created a great place to do business, but sadly also a dangerous place if you’re
not Internet savvy. Fab and Site Security plays an active role in monitoring these scams please read this page.

Take a look at this link > http://www.theguardian.com/money/scamsandfraud this is just some of the mind blowing nasty tricks that this
super highway of information has been used for. We all get the same spoof emails from big name companies like EBay, Tesco,
Barclays Bank, and others but increasingly these emails are becoming so convincing you think they are genuine. We suggest you
look here>http://www.met.police.uk/docs/little_book_scam.pdf  our colleagues at the Metropolitan Police have put this advisory
together which makes good reading.

Cyber crime is on the up, make no mistake cyber criminals are at it 24\7 devising more ways to scam you, rob you and steal all you
do. Beat the scammers and go here to the biggest and best web site developed to combat hoaxes and scams.
This web site http://www.hoax-slayer.com was developed by Brett M Christian in Australia to offer a never ending fire wall against the
fraudsters in cyber world. I emailed Brett and he has given permission to add this link to our website it is without question an
invaluable asset to us and we thank him for his excellent work.
Surfing the web we came across some good web links and I have listed these below, take time to have a look and see what goes on.

Web sites:

Until you are caught and at some point sadly everyone will be by one scam or another you cannot begin to understand the sickening
feeling it creates when you lose money, identity, property or dignity by the low life’s that crawl the web for the purpose of stealing from

Do not be a victim; do not fall into the clutches of the scammers of this world. Take time to read the links and information contained in
the scam pages. We will endeavour to develop and add to this as we get more and more information relating to cyber crimes.
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